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Re: Proposed stable update: webmin-ldap-netgroups (1.13 -> 1.17-1)

Am Montag, 15. November 2004 17:04 schrieb Alex Brasetvik:
> I have tested the package on a few systems without problems, and I
> haven't heard of anybody with problems with the latest package --
> however, I haven't heard if anyone else has upgraded, so it would
> probably be prefferable if someone else in addition to me confirmed
> that it works. :)

you could boost me testing it by posting a complete URL to the 
deb.package in cvs (or whereever) so I just need to wget * and dpkg -i

as the "standallone" profile seems to make problems (were there further 
issues?) a rev2 could be sound.

it could be discussed in how far it makes sense to uruspate linex 
backports in a new sub-release. Maybe just put the deb sources 
commented to sources.list?

kde 3.1 and oo1.1 works quite fine - but then, sarge is coming, anyway, 
and my f* GeForce4 runs only with skolelinux xserver-xfree86 (had to 
donwgrade just now).


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