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PRinting multiple copies from openoffice etc

I have been testing printing multiple copies in openoffice.
When selecting print and selecting 2 or more copies the result is always no extra copies of the document printed.

I have been testing printing through CUPS the results:
OpenOffice unable to print muliple copies 
Kword unable to print multiple copies

Mozilla is able to print multiple copies

Is there somewhere or some settings that is missing for openoffice and Kword making it possible to print multiple copies?

I have also done some testing on Mandrake 10.1, and debian sid, debian woody, but none of them are able to print multiple copies. (THat is for openoffice, and kword)

Is there someone that has the same problem? 

At the school we are using an HP laserjet 4000N printer.

If someone has been able to solve this it would be nice to know how.

Regards Torstein Dybdahl

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