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Q: Samba thru LTSPserver?

Hi there,

unfortunately we still "need" computer labs running ms windows clients. 
Okay, after one or two years the corresponding partitions will fade to 
grey - meanwhile I don't want to miss Skolelinux on that machines. 

One option is installing a 2nd local system - but I don't know enough of 
cfengine to install and maintain this economically. 

Hence I'd prefer an LTSPserver serving those clients so they can boot 
alternatively from LAN (pxe). This would mean that the machines are in 
the 192.186.0 net behind LTSP. If I now boot the ms windows system 
using dhcp, I'd doubt that samba on tjener could be accessed. 

But somebody told me, this is possible. Is it? By default? Or what 
tweaks are needed?

The whole thing should be easy if I install both profiles, tjener and 
ltsp, on one machine. But can I ever have a 2nd LTSP server then? 
Wouldn't this provide removing the LTSPserver profile from tjener?

Thank you for your clarifications,

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