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Re: Linex Backports for KdeEdu (Sources)

Am Dienstag, 9. November 2004 15:51 schrieb Ralf Gesel|ensetter:
> 1. You'll lose koffice (kword, kchart,... )
... but win many educational software from kdeedu

> 2. You have to grant access to kdm3 before thin clients will ever
>    be allowed to connect (please correct if I remember wrong here):
>    - in /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc:
>    change: access (or sim.) from disabled to enabled
 -> In Section [Xdmcp] set "Enable=true" (old: false)

>  uncomment... Xaccess
 -> Xaccess=/etc/kde3/kdm/Xaccess
 -> also uncomment: ShowUsers=None 

>    - in /etc/kde3/kdm/Xaccess uncomment #* allow access for any ...
-> This is abt. line #42 and should look like:
*                    #any host can get a login window

>    Restart kdm:
>  /etc/init.d/kdm restart

Okay, that's it so far.

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