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Re: further information was: example ldif

* Finn-Arne Johansen (faj@bzz.no) [041108 22:36]:
> On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 09:16:47PM +0100, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> > ok, this is op level OU. we want to change it at some point to
> > something like dc=school, dc=debian, dc=edu for consistance
> > reasons with the rest of the sytem. but that is a different
> > problem.
> Well Shouldnt this actually be something that reflect the site this is
> actually running on: 
>  dn: dc=studnet,dc=ulsrud,dc=vgs,dc=skole,dc=no
> or 
>  dn: dc=test,dc=skole,dc=bzz,dc=no

yes, thanks for pointing this out. you point out the bigger goal
that we pursue. but the default should be changed for
consistancy. that is what i meant.

> > The Attic is the place where deleted users go. their primary
> > private group is deleted but their entry from ou=People,dc=skole,
> > dc=skolelinux... is moved here (aka renamed to ou=Attic,
> > dc=skole, ...) before that their login is disabled.  the point
> > of the attic is to create a means of deleting, compressing,
> > backing up and storing away the deleted user accounts in a
> > controlled way.  entries in the attic are also considered during
> > user name creation, so that old user names are not handed out
> > again to fast and new users get email etc for the old user. the
> > proper way of cleaning up after deleted users has not been
> > implemented yet.
> hey, I implemented som script there....

your script delets user entries in the attic, but does not
compress/backup/(restore?)/remove the home directories and other
traces of them after certain times and then, finally delete the
ldap entries.

finnarne, thanks for your additions.

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