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Re: Linex Backports for KdeEdu (Sources)


* Ralf Gesel|ensetter <rgx@gmx.de> [041104 00:18]:

> seems like I found some treasure:
> http://www.linex.org/sources/linex/debian/linex/kde3.1/kde/kdeedu/
> contains sources for woody backports of kdeedu applications:
> ktouch, keduca, kalzium, kpercentage ...

Yes and no.  Yes, that are backports for woody, but they depend on the
other kde3.1 packages, so you can't use them without exchanging a core
component.  But instead of using kde3.1 backports I would use the
»official« kde3.2 backports at
ftp://ftp.de.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/latest/Debian/  (kde3.3 backports
might be avaible there soon), since they fixed some important bugs.

We used their KDE backports at our universitie for some time, and they
worked quite well.

> However, it is not compiled (as I conclude from the path containing 
> "sources" - did anybody try using these, anyway? Looks tempting!

They are compiled:  You find debian archives for i386 (..._i386.deb) in
the directory.  The "sources" in the path might mean, that there are the
sources for their packages or something similar.

Yours sincerely,

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