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Re: User Administration

* Finn-Arne Johansen (faj@bzz.no) [041102 10:33]:
> > > By this, you would create another gui that would export an ldif, and
> > > then use the ldif to update the ldap in some way ? 
> > 
> > uh, no. how did i create that impression? do you think of the
> > incremental updates to ldap, using ldifs? that is not something
> > we will have to care about; cerebrum will do that on its own and
> > there wont be a gui for that.
> Well, there is another gui (called wcus) that is used,

the gui will be the same.

> that doesn`t work
> directly with ldap, but some other DB backend, possibly postgres. 
> And at some point the information from the DB is feed to ldap.

yes, that is what would happen.

> or is
> ldap set to use the same Db backend as cerebrum ? 

while it is possible to chose postgresql as a database backend
for ldap, this wont be the way it will work for us. ldap will
have its own backend (e.g. bdb or so), which will be updated or
replaced when needed. one way to update it is with incremental
ldifs. this is what i talked about above.

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