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Weekly report week 44, and next step

* Meetings

- 30 oct. Sat 10:00 AM Autumn conference in Halden about open 
   The national student body. 
- 28 oct. Wen. 15-18 PM The Norwegian Parliament about EUCD. Summary
  in Norwegian:
    Aandsverkloven og dens beskyttelse av opphavsretten setter paa
    vegne av samfunnet rammene for kulturproduksjon og
    distribusjon. Skal grensene for beskyttelse settes paa en maate
    som er optimal for samfunnet som helhet (produksjon og konsum) maa
    de settes i samsvar med kulturproduktenes okonomiske egenskaper.
- 27. oct: KOMIT conference about open source
  "Skolelinux status and news" 1115-1200 

* Work

- Made presentation to the EUCD-conference by the Liberal party at the
  Norwegian parliament
- Made presentation to the KOMIT conference (a ICT conference for
- Made presentation for the StL conference about open innovation
- A lot of travelling
- A lot of coordinating e-mails and phone calls
- It's probably something I left out

* Next step

- 5. nov teater Fam
- 4. Nov Skolelinux/TeleComputing at Rena - around 15-20 persons.
- 3. Nov UDE, SDL, SBS reconciliation of details in the design
              from last workshop.  09:30-14:00
- 2. Nov Skolelinux/TeleComputing at Kongsvinger -  around 30 persons.
- Sending the minutes from the meeting to make the foundation: "Åpne
  kontorprogram på norsk".
- Working getting some financing of OpenOffice
- Making a leadership guide for how to facilitate open source projects
- Following up the question about making Debian Edu weekly news (VB)

By Knut Yrvin Monday 1th November 2004

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