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Re: New Skolelinux CD image release 1.0r1

Am Montag, 1. November 2004 23:09 schrieb Ralf Gesel|ensetter:
> Another Question: I summed up these numbers and ended up more or less
> with 650 MB

Oops, sorry, it is rather 6 GB - hence compression ratio seems to be 
close to 10.

I derived these disk usages for different profiles:

1G  tjener
2G  workstation
3,5G ltspserver
1,5G standallone
2,5G standallone-extra
+200M for laptops

Combining of profiles will never get you over 6 GB.
Of course, swap partitions and backup are not taken into account, just 
for the /usr partition I guess.

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