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Bug#277990: xdebconfigurator: Should not depend on xserver-xfree86

Package: xdebconfigurator
Version: 1.09
Severity: important

In version 1.09 of xdebconfigurator, the following changes was done:

  * Morten Werner Olsen
    - Added dependency to xserver-xfree86 which includes the debconf
      templates xdebconfigurator uses.

This change make it impossible to use xdebconfigurator to preseed the
debconf values used by xserver-xfree86, as xserver-xfree86 will be
installed before xdebconfigurator.  This also make it impossible to
install xdebconfigurator to find out which X server package to install
(well, it is still possible, but as one server is already installed,
it is not very optimal for this :).

I suggest removing the dependency, and changing xdebconfigurator to
create the needed templates using the technique used in
debconf-set-selections to preseed debconf values.

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