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[Bug 854] New: Store network layout in LDAP (Subnets, IPs, host names, MAC addresses)


before describing the idea more detailed, I shall explain its 
* Imagine you must tell "who did it" from your log files. Sometimes you
   only  have IPs, then host names. Now tell me, what room it was from? 
* Give specific access rights room by room - now what IPs are in room x? 
* Identify non-registered machines (that are not in netgroups) 
* Optimize routing (in high scale settings) 
As all "thick" machines (ltspservers, work stations) must be registered 
in netgroups, anyway (using host names here), we could extend this 
webmin module to create subnets (=rooms) to put work stations in.  
The module for DHCP configuration gives another starting point, where 
you have to enter hardware addresses (MAC) and - if desired - host 
If we could bundle all these informations together to one, the admin 
could controll all work stations' state room by room much easier: 
Room/Subnet: 1   Type:  Workstations   Parent: 
ID#  hostname IP          MAC                  Last Login Time  User  
1-01 OSLO-01  1234-1234-1242-1234  2004-10-12 13:14 root 
1-02 OSLO-02  1224-1233-4566-4545  2004-01-01 12:12 someuser 
Room/Subnet: 2   Type: Thinclients   Parent: 
ID#  hostname IP            MAC                  Last Login Time  User  
2-01 ltsp-144  1234-1234-1242-1234  2004-10-12 13:14 root 
2-02 ltsp-145  1224-1233-4566-4545  2004-01-01 12:12 userx 
   (Room/Subnet 0 could collect all LTSP servers) 
Next step would be a graphical display where you can draw your work 
sites in different colors, say red PCs haven't been used within a week 
-> check system :) 
I believe, collecting these data from the very beginning (dhcp3.conf 
taken from tjener _and_ ltspservers) would ease many tasks later on and 
broaden the range of services. 

P.S.: It might be argued that this data is stored in LDAP. Well, 
actually any 
central storage file would do.

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