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Bug#273734: education-common: con't fulfill the Recommends on !i386

Steve Langasek wrote:
> >   - Getting the packages into testing, which was previously apparently
> >     impossible.
> >   - Avoiding the common problem with task packages that if you remove
> >     one package in the task, you have to remove the task package as
> >     well, since its dependecies are then broken.
> >   - As part of the phasing out of the old reason for the old-type task
> >     packages; selection of the packages in these tasks are not handled at
> >     the tasksel level by recommends fields ayway, but by tasksel package
> >     lists in the education-tasks package. The new task packages will
> >     mostly be useful for post-install sysadmin and upgrade purposes.
> The first two of these advantages would no longer be present if britney
> treated Recommends the same way as it treats Depends, which is why I
> ask.

No, only the first point could be affected by changes to britney. In the
second point I'm talking about removing a package from an installed

> I'm confused about your third point, here; the current debian-edu
> package represents the "new"-style task packages?

The current debian-edu packages are something of a midway point between
how task packages were traditionally done and how I hope they'll be done
in the future.

> What is clear to me is that the intended semantics of the
> education-common are that it install the Recommends: if available, and
> ignore them if they're not.


see shy jo

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