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Bug#273734: education-common: con't fulfill the Recommends on !i386

Adrian Bunk wrote:
> This would imply the former Recommends handling in dselect was only a 
> bug.

It was a bug (#34942 to be exact). dselect's man page always documented
it as such until that bug was fixed.

> I'd disagree with this:
> Recommends/Suggests on another package have roughly the following 
> semantics:
> - "Suggests" means it might be nice to additionally install the package
> - "Recommends" means you should install the package unless you really 
>   know what you are doing
> Looking through the Debian archive, there seems to be the need for these 
> two different semantics. The old dselect handling might have sometimes 
> been annoying, but it helped users to be on the sfe side regarding 
> dependencies.

The current dselect recommends handling does too. You seem to be under
the mistaken impression that it now handles suggests and recommends the
same; in fact it used to be the case that it handled depends and
recommends the same, but it now handles all three relationships
appropriatly differently.

But dselect is obsolete anyway. Aptitude also treats all three
relationships differently.

see shy jo

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