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Re: Turkish support for Skolelinux

Am Dienstag 22 Juni 2004 14:59 schrieb Recai Oktas:
> As part of the Debian Turkish localization efforts

Merhaba Rectai :)

Tranlating Skolelinux into Turkish is a good idea, I think. There will 
be more precice hints by people who are deeper involved in the core 
process - but AFAIK the localization of skolelinux into the different 
languages is organized by local coordinaters (sounds like you could be 
the contac person for Turkish;). 

If there is a HOW-TO for translateing skolelinux, I couldn't tell, there 
should be. On the other hand I suppose it is similar like all debian 

Who can tell more?
Ralf G.

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