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Re: [Debconf4] Debian-edu / Skolelinux get-together at debconf4

I am interested in joining in, if possible. I am working full-time on a project that is putting together a bunch of web-based OSS tools for tertiary education.

We have selected a LMS/VLE, Moodle, and we are working forward in supplying feature patches. We are also starting to plan on integrating moodle with other OSS tools.

If anyone's interested, the project blueprints are available at http://eduforge.org/docman/?group_id=7 in PDF format.



Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

A few skolelinux people are already present at debconf 4.  We should
get together.  Joey and talked toghether, and agreed to meet at 15:00
to discuss status, what we should do here at debconf and future plans
for debian-edu/skolelinux.  This should be just after lunch.

We will gather downstairs from the computer area, and find a good
location after that.

(For those woundering what this skolelinux/debian-edu stuff is all
about, it is about making a custom debian distro targeted at schools,
with everything the school needs for its pupils computer installation.)

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