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Re: Mozilla again ...

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| From: Jonas Smedegaard [mailto:dr@jones.dk]

| Lars Åge Kamfjord wrote:
| | And, has anything happend? I've upgraded mozilla on one of my schools.
| | Seems to work, but I didn't wont to install java manually if it's
| | planned to give an official debian package of it.....
| This specific initiative will *not* result in an official Debian
| [1] This kind of confusion was exactly my concern when I suggested
| taking the discussion at debian-legal@lists.debian.org, and when I
| complained about using "we" about Skolelinux on a Debian mailinglist.

Lars Åge Kamfjord wrote:
| I guess your right; it wont be put into woody, but it will at least be
| upgradable from some semiofficial/unofficial repository (I hope!)
| Installing from a .deb is better for a debiansystem than to have to
| manually make sure files are replaced etc. when upgrading; and a lot
| easier to delete if you don't like it any more.

I perfectly agree.

My concern was simply the word "official" above - which usually relates
to "backed up by serious support".

Debian alone creates "official Debian packages".

Skolelinux is based on "official Debian packages" and adds some local
hacks to better serve their goal (which is somewhat different from
Debian). Sure, Skolelinux .deb packages are not "dirty hacks", but they
*are* hacks (similarly to Debian packages themselves being hacks of the
official source packages).

It is much better to use "official Skolelinux packages" than mixing in
packages not tested with the distribution in use (like using stuff from
backports.org). But the best thing (when using Debian-based systems)
must be to use official Debian packages wherever possible.

Hope you all agree.

~ - Jonas

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