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Re: Test-Case 004 failed for WLUS 1.2-25

onsdag 21. april 2004, 19:48, skrev Andreas Schuldei:
> it is working as expected. Please search the mailinglist archives
> for discussions on it beeing a pain in the A** to have to type in
> the password every time, even after having authenticated
> correctly to webmin in the beginning.

This is not working as expected, and reported a lot of times from out 
test-team. Other people that has opinions here has to join in on the 
test-team to discuss this. It the have not, the test-case and bug-reports 
is the basis for that decision. 

Yes, you have to authentificate this every time because of your design of 
the user-interface with a admin-password-feeld, and the design of the 
password-handling three different places in WLUS, Webmin and UNIX. It has 
been discussed on the IRC why we need this separation, and why the 
Admin-password has to be typed every time you make a new user(s)/group(s), 
or deleting them. 

It could be a work-arround here. You can remove the "Admin-password"-feeld 
entirely. Then you get the "nice to have" feature. The problem then is that 
people belive that the Webmin-password is what they are doing. They also 
mix this today in the wrong way. 

A good user-inferface dont ask for things that's not needed. When you ask 
for it, you have to use the feeld. If you dont need, remove it. It is 
situations that requires empty feelds for good reasons in health care and 
finance. But that dosnt affect password-handling. 

So there is two choice. 

1. Use the password-feeld because it is done that way every 
  time you do something with users on UNIX. The UNIX-way is 
  to acknowledge new users. This will also enlight the fact that 
  it's three different passwords in Skolelinux. One for UNIX, one for 
  Webmin, and one for LDAP. 
2. Remove the password-feeld entirely. It's not neccesary, and 
  the Webmin and LDAP-password is the same. 

mvh Knut

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