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resume athen

hi skoletuxe

i wrote for the announce of my talk at athen a resume

use it!

Free Software in schools
Skolelinux provides an excellent base.

"Skole" is Norwegian for "school".  So Skolelinux is a GNU/Linux
which has been customized for schools.  The project has been
started in Norway in 2002 and later has been applied to German and
other countries' languages, too.  Skolelinux provides applications in
more than 15 native languages, including Greek since some weeks ago.

Skolelinux consists in about 900 packages of Free Software and is
included with Debian-edu, a Custom Debian Distribution (CDD).
So it belongs to the worldwide Debian Community
with more than 1,000 official developers.

Skolelinux is sustainable: installation, upgrading,
maintenance and support over the internet is warranted
today and in future times (esp. fast security fixes).

Skolelinux is gratis. This means no cost for licences and no worries
for teachers, pupils and parents. It contains a lot of educational
software, office applications, browsers and email-clients.

One of the main advantages of Skolelinux is the preconfigured
scalable network with more than 15 services out of the box.
So you can use it in primary schools, eg with 1 server and 30
thin clients or up to many servers and computers in universities.

Skolelinux is easy to install and delivers a main-server,
a thin client server and also a workstation on a single CD.

Skolelinux reduces the needs for system administration
and increases the computer availability while
demonstrating the qualities of Free Software.

Sharing software is sharing knowledge.
Software has to be free!

Please spread Skolelinux, the international schoolserver.


kurt.gramlich@lugrav.de GnuPG Key ID E263 FCD4

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