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Re: Interesting Applications for Skolelinux


As a mathematician and teacher, I want to add to this list two
interesting applications I see as mandatory in a school network of free

- TeXmacs a text editor oriented toward sciences. Some of the cool
aspect of TeXmacs is its ability to integrate other math software as
GNUPlot, Parix, Maxima, ...

- DrGeo an interactive geometry software - written by myself since '99 -
very user friendly, and featuring very unique feature as
macro-construction, scriptability and a programming interface to define
functionnaly interactive geometric figure. Documentation (about 70
pages) come in Franch, Italian, Dutch, Spanish. Mostly out of sync
English documentation is also available.



Le mer 24/03/2004 à 18:06, rgx a écrit :
> browsing the list of replacements for winapps [1], I found these apps 
> worth being taken into conideration for further releases. Maybe, some 
> of you know the software and can spend their penny on it... :)

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