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Re: Interesting Applications for Skolelinux

Am Freitag, 26. März 2004 10:47 schrieb Michael Eric Menk:
> I agree, I have modeled helicopters, buildings landscapes in 3studio.
> I still have no clue how to use blender. It's very complex, and not
> easy to learn, even for high-school student (or collage students).

I must admit: I couldn't manage to render a simple shape at least during 
5 minutes trying. The programme needs an explicit training, that is. 

As a matter of fact, there is a course (classes 9+10 / aged 14-16) that 
now does flat animations using animationshop and adobe photopaint (we 
are still to migrate!). The arts collegue teaching that course wants to 
move to 3D animations, anyway, as 2D animations always look like 
southpark and soon get boring (his pt of view).

So, if anybody knows a 3D modelling app for creating animations, which 
is easier to use (how about wings?), you are welcome :)

And, yes, a post installation is possible - if one finds the right 
backport for stable. 


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