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Re: root vs smbadmin (uid != 0) for samba user administration?

Am Dienstag, den 23. März hub Andreas Schuldei folgendes in die Tasten:

> so have we switched away from root for user creation yet?

> i just stumble on this in WLUS, and want to straighten it out.

> what is necessary for smbadmin to work? any special demands?
> URL?

For all needed rights of the samba-admin-user in LDAP please have
a look into the slapd-skolelinux.conf (debian-edu-config).
With this right, samba is able to add/modify entries for *existing*
users, but itŽs sadly not possible to add a new entry (e.g. for root)
into LDAP :-(

IŽm thinking about a solution for the samba-root-account and think
of adding the samba-part of root into our root.ldif, to work around
that problem, which in reality should now appear in any other case.

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