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Re: RFS: gtans - Tangram (puzzle) game using GTK+

Hello Ralf!

> Thanks, Flo. May I cite few lines from the quoted URL:
> Towards sponsors: "You are listed as the maintainer - it's your
> reputation on the line too. "

Err, this refers to the person who is searching for a sponsor, not to
the sponsor him-/herself.

> Towards people looking for advocates: "There is no point asking for an
> advocate on debian-mentors or any other open mailing list. No developer
> should be willing to advocate for you without knowing something about
> you. "

I'm not searching for an advocate (yet). Sponsors and advocates aren't
necessarily the same, though quite commonly a sponsor might act as an

> I suppose, these lines might frighten possible sponsors or advocats.

Those people know the hassles well enough ;)

> Being no debian-developer myself, I can't say, how difficult it is to
> become one, but, to me, this seems to be the most straightforward
> thing...

For further reference, in case you are interested in the background,
check out


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