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[Bug 648] max groups in kernel is defined to 16 over NFS


------- Additional Comments From faj@bzz.no  2004-03-23 15:54 -------
Schools are / should be "high-availability scenarios", since one hour lost
during education is much vorse t
han an hour lost durign work-time. And it would be even worse if this hour of
downtime happens during exam.

Telling the user that he don't need no fileserver, because he is a small school,
is kind of neglectance.

The problem with adding to many groups is divided in 2 parts:
- NFS handles only 16 groups.
- Adding to many groups increases the time it take to log on.

Until we find a proper solution, I will urge system admins to use the
possibility of adding lots of filegro
ups with care. Please think twice before adding groups "because they are nice to
have". Before you do so, p
lease take a look at bug #642.

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