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Translations of webmin modules

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Hi all,

To the translators:
I just committed some scripts that make it possible to easily do new 
translations of the webmin-modules (using po-files): you will now find 
en.pot file in the different 'lang' subdirs of the webmin-modules. 

Skolelinux 1.0 is slated for release next weekend, and there currently isn't 
_any_ language that's completely up-to-date for the webmin-modules.Most of 
the strings in the webmin-modules are easy, so we should be able to remedy 
this by next weekend.

Existing translations outside of po files are currently not preserved, I'll 
try and fix this either tommorow or early next week, In the mean time this 
means that those translations won't show up in the status pages of the i18n 

Current status of the webmin-module translations:

	en, nl -> done (54 strings)
        no -> 31 strings 
        everthing else -> missing completely

	en, nl -> done (164 strings)
        fr -> 125 strings 
        de -> 35 strings
        no -> 33 strings
        everything else -> missing

      strangeness here:
      en -> 247 strings
      de -> 280
      es -> 306
      fr -> 265
      it -> 303
      no -> 305
      se -> 303
  -> obviously some things are seriously out of sync here. I've assumed that 
the lang/en file is the authorative source regarding which strings to 
translate, can anyone who knows what's going on her confirm this?

To the those working on the webmin-modules:
The scripts used to create and maintain the po files are in the newly added 
src/webmin-i18n directory in the skolelinux cvs.

When you add new strings to your lang/en file you shoul run the 
webmin2po-update script (it's in the newly added src/webmin-i18n dir of 
cvs) to propagate the new/changed strings to the translations.
   NOTE: the webmin2po-update scripts assums that webmin2pot script in the
             same dir is in your path
This will then show up in the status pages on our i18n site, which makes it 
easy for translators to pick up the fact that strings where changed.
- -- 
Bart Cornelis (aka cobaco):
    Coördinator Belgisch Skolelinux team
    Coördinator Nederlandse Skolelinux vertaling
Skolelinux België- http://i18n.skolelinux.no/belgium
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