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Re: Shouldn't we have a Webmin interface to cron?

The crontab plugin is in already webmin-core, however it is not enable
by defaut. 

You need to activate it for the user you are using when connection to
webmin. To do so just go to the Webmin ACL configuration panel, or got
at https://YourHost:10000/acl

Le mer 17/03/2004 à 15:42, Herman Robak a écrit :
> A cousin of mine had F-secure anti-virus installed
> on the thin client/main server he had just set up.
> F-secures documentation specifies a one-liner to 
> edit the crontab.  Should it be done that way in
> Debian-edu?
> As far as I know, one of our design goals is to
> eradicate the need for using the shell.  Handling
> scheduled tasks is a common administrator job.
> Hence there should be a pretty UI on it.
> -- 
>  Herman Robak
CDDP des Landes
Ingénierie Éducative
614, rue du Ruisseau - BP 401
40012 Mont de Marsan Cedex

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