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RE: squeak

> I can understand your "emotional reaction", and I might even share your
> resentment against everything with "Disney" in its name. However, when
> Alan Kay and his group went to work there, they made sure that the base
> Squeak system would not become "infected" by Disney. You can read about
> Alan's intent for the Squeak license at
> http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/229 . I do not see any reason why
> ypu should be concerned with this.

This is Kay: Jan, 2004. With debian in his sights.  I saw Kay, Nov 2000
(approx), as the resident Disney Visionary, being paid, used, whatever, to
give Disney a claim of right to legitimacy in the serious educational
software market.  The right that would have no doubt been abused.  And Kay
would be from a different planet to imagine otherwise. And I saw him treat
his audience to Goofy goofing about a squeak screen.

Alan seems to make things up as he goes along.

I would sincerely ask him to desist from inventing our future.


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