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Mascot, the voting

We have to decide which mascot we will use in the Skolelinux-project. I
believe I have forgot to announce the voting on this list (if not, this
is a reminder!). My mistake! I'm sorry!

To put it short, we are having a vote for the best mascot. On the
Norwegian list I have asked for all sugestions to be delivered by March
17th. This may be too soon for you, as I didn't (or did I?) announce
this before now on this list. I hope you will be able to send in some
nice suggestions by March 19th.

What we do need:

-A mascot, not a logo! 

Who can design it:

-If you are no designer but have a good idea, get someone to help you
-It can't be a sketch, it must be a final product, ready for use


-All designs must be sent to this list by March 19th
-We will vote between 19 and 25 March
-Our new mascot will be announced on our party 27 March

The winner will get a price!


We do remind you that the copyright of the work has to be transferred to
the Skolelinux project. If the designer is not willing to comply with
this, we can't accept the submission. The reason for this is that we
can't risk losing the mascot in the future. We will of course credit the
designer's work.

With best regards

Markus Gamenius 
on behalf of  Skolelinux
Markus Gamenius

Project leader of "Skolelinux"


Phone: +47 +908 26 928

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