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Gathering on Mar. 26-28, 2004

We are planing a developer gathering on Mar. 26-28, 2004

This gathering is in 2 parts: 

1. The Release of  Skolelinux 1.0
2. Translation of KDE 3.2 is at full speed
   Everyone who is doing, have done, or want to do something in the 
   Skolelinux project is invited
   Cheapest travel and accomodation will be paid afterwards, but you
   will have to send a bill. The bill needs to have all receipts, and a short 
   description of what the expenses are. 
   Traveling expenses beuond NOK 1000 (EUR 125?) will need to be approved
   in advanced. Please send mail to markus@gamenius.net
Registration is sent to devel@skolelinux or linuxiskolen@skolelinux.no  Send

  Your name.
  Your travel expenses.
  If you need a place to sleep.
  Which part of the gathering you are joining (technical, translation or testing).
  If you are a developer we want to know which Bug you are going to work on.
  If you are joining us for dinner on friday and/or party saturday.
  Date:     26-28. Mars
  Location: Ulsrud vgs. Oslo
  Subway:   Line 3 for Mortensrud. step off at Bøler.
Here's a map for the location:


«I came out of it dead broke, without a house, without anything except a
girlfriend and a knowledge of Unix.» «Well, that's something. Normally
those two are mutually exclusive»
 - Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

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