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Re: Is Skolelinux safe?

* Jonas Smedegaard (dr@jones.dk) [040309 15:16]:
> Please be more specific as to why (or if) you think that SSH should be
> avoided for tunneling - also on a shorter term.

on the short term i have nothing againt ssh for this job. i know
companies who do thin clients just like us who solved this
problem with ssh tunnels.

> | and is in the debian kernel for some time.
> ...but as kernel patches, not readily built modules.

pardon? As pre-build modules, check the kernel-source package or
any kernel-image.

> | tunnel traffic nicely. cyphers like blowfish or AES can be used
> | even on lowend machines without performance hit.
> Do I understand you correctly that you are talking "encryption"
> generally here, which (possibly) goes for both IPsec and SSH?

well, ssh does not do AES, but yes.

> I certainly agree that your proposals are interesting as a long term
> goal, but please (re)consider SSH-based tools for now.

the ssh solution can be implemented with a minmum of efford, and
solves the problems at hand. would you like to implement it?

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