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Re: VIA C3 Epia and Eden based machines

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Thomas Templin wrote:
| On Friday 05 March 2004 12:33, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
|>Personally I favor the ultra-compact and fanless Cupid cases from
| Hhhm looks like a Shuttle barbone System:
| Have a look at http://www.reichelt.de/  " PC-Systeme, Notebooks"
| Barbone-Systeme". The SHUTTLE SK41GSY  is sold for 419.00EUR.
| This System without harddrive works fine as dikless terminal client.
| And that will be a cheaper than the above complete system.

Hmm, I am not sure I would want a dikless system ;-)

But more important, I am not sure you are right that a shuttle is less

I mentioned earlier a shopping site targeted for Denmark (that I have
good experiences using). A quick search in Google for german places
reveiled techcase.de (which I have no experiences with whatsoever!) with
the following prices:

Motherboard (EPIA VE5000 C3-533 VIA Apollo PLE133): 85 euro

Case (Morex Cubid 3688): 99 euro

256 MB ram: 49 euro

That's all you need (+ a screwdriver): 233 euro!

~ - Jonas

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