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Re: Three indepentantly stored admin passwords; a bug or a feature?

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 21:17, Gjermund Skogstad wrote:
> onsdag 3. mars 2004, 19:38, skrev Rune Nordbøe Skillingstad:
> > I fully agree that unsyncronized password are a bad thing. I just want to
> > make sure that root _NEVER_ is authenticated directly against ldap. That
> > would be a big problem if ldap dies.
> >
> > Some kind of replication from /etc/passwd to ldap should be posible to
> > make.
> Just wondering: 
> What is the rationale for allowing the root-password into the LDAP-database in 
> the first place? 

 Simplicity, I guess.  The three passwords are set simultaneously when
the system is installed.  Only one to choose, only one to remember.
Yes, I know that can be a bad thing!

> I mean; this _is_ a "publicly" available catalog-server which is (more or 
> less) likely to contain undisclosed  exploits (though it's not been an issue 
> for Skolelinux this far).

 There are many security issues with Skolelinux which are just barely
being addressed.  Some of them won't be resolved by the time 1.0 is
out. (Saying this publicly makes me whince)

 To fix the "password reuse" issue, the software ought to ask for a
new password shortly after installation.  And maybe the LDAP-admin
password should require a periodical change, because of the high

 File bug report?

 Herman Robak

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