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New web pages - Status


We was asked to send a status mail for the progress after this weekend's 
developer gathering.

The new webpages are starting to get populated. There are not much to see for 
the public, but the editor and reviewer people now have lots of work to do in 
their pipe line. 

Nina has been added as (main) reviewer. And with a little bit guidance I 
really think that everyone can see the differences on the pages. 

Some of you have volunteered to help with the pages, we have not forgot you, 
but we have not been able to see where/what we could do with the new users, 
and how the different roles was best suited with the work you was supposed to 
do. But we are testing this out during this week.

We are now running a test for a week where the following people are helping:

Main reviewer --> Nina
Technical responsibility --> Alexb, jemtland 
Norwegian GUI translation --> Alexb
Reviewing and writing French --> Hilaire
Transforming articles from the old web --> Alexb, jemtland, Nina

We have allot of other roles that are not taken yet, (graphical, other 
languages, .....) but they are not prioritised before the new server are up 
and running. We hope that we can start that work next Monday. (The new server 
was ordered on Friday, and Dell have 10 days delivery, but we can hope it 
will be here faster ... :))

Alexb has also been working with testing a apache --> reversed squid --> plone  
solution to get the speed up on the server. A solution like this will be a 
nice way to reduce the servers load.


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		-- attr. Thomas J. Watson (Chairman of the Board, IBM), 1943

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