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Fwd: [LiS-styret] Finaly we got the server

This never got delivered to the debian-edu list...... (Error in address)

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Subject: [LiS-styret] Finaly we got the server
Date: Thursday 26 February 2004 12:38
From: Markus Gamenius <markus@gamenius.net>
To: Developer <'debian-edu@lists.debian.org>, Styret <Styret@skolelinux.no>

Now we can be happy!

We have got the new web-server, and it is for free.

Knut got some money from ????? and Rune got the rest from Linpro. We are
most greatful!

We will have the new machine in the house during the next week. I leave
it to Petter, Frode and Rune to arange the installation +++++.

Here are the details on the server

Dell PowerEdge 1750 (1u)
2xXeon 2,4Ghz
floppy, 24x CD-ROM (ide)
1GB RAM (2x512MB) (max 8GB)
2x36GB 10k rpm Ultra320
2x1gbit nic
redundant powersupply

Good work Knut and Rune!!!!


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