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Re: Please help me to include packages in first cdrom of debian

Hello all,

I've been working with several things and wanted to bring up another advantage that I think a modular distribution (such as morphix) would provide. First, it would fit well for Persaie here. He could just build a quick mini-module, insert into the mini-mod directory, and then burn his own liveCD.

Second, and this has been a big thing for me... preconfigured modules allow just that... they can be preconfigured. For instance, one of the things I provide for our teachers and students is the ability to stream media - specifically classical music. But giving a list of sites doesn't help, as Mozilla doesn't know what to do with a .pls file. My average users shouldn't have to know how to configure it, either. Likewise, there are several settings (such as samba, menu arrangements, etc.) that the standard "apt-get" doesn't address or fix. With a module, however, you can apt-get and configure the program ahead of time.

It still allows the standard base, and would allow specific modules. Say, a science lab might only need the physics-mini-module, the math-mini-module and the biology-mini-module, but not the reading-mini-module. Also, instead of the headache of actually trying to maintain a debian apt-get package for some of the more obscure programs (which is no simple task), you could install make & install in a module environment all the programs you need. So all thos programs listed as needing maintainers on the debian-edu package list could at least easily be used by people in whatever combination they need.

persaie persaie wrote:

Dear all,

We are getting benifited out of this open source
we have developed 3 applications for general
maintanence of our liberary system , accounting and an examination
for our school.
Now, we want to deploy some more packages in this
But problem is that not all the teachers are
technically sound
They cannot install these softwares on there own.

Can you please guide me, how to add these packages in
the debian's first installation cdrom.

So that they need not to worry about installation.

Thanks in advance.


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