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Re: [Devel] We do need a "mascot"

 --- Arnt Ove Gregersen <ovgrege@online.no> skrev: > 
> On Tuesday 24 February 2004 00:43, tice cddp40 wrote:
> > It may be more important to provide an original mascot instead
> > of the overused Tux. Overused tux may look a bit odd and give an
> amateur
> > image.
> I agree

When it comes to the general public of teachers, parents and school
administrators (i.e. not long time Linux users), I find it hard to
believe that Tux is "overused"; rather the best one could hope for is
that some of these people actually *have* been slightly exposed to Tux
before, and therefore recognizes this Linux icon in a positive way.

Also, Tux seems extremely safe when it comes to cultural sensibilities
the world over. Though I am not aware of how all world cultures
connotes elfins (I would suppose predominantly in a positive manner),
the Belgian example of Kobold already shows some potential for misstep
here. There has recently been a (mostly stupid, IMHO) debate over the
BSD demon. I don't wanna sound to squamish or paranoid, but remember
this is schools and kids we're talking about. 

A separate argument for keeping Tux is the ease of getting 3rd party
props like stuffed dolls, which again are nice for marketing.

Imagine yourself as a newcomer to Linux: While it's nice to have a
whole zoo of animals to choose from, this can also be somewhat
confusing (nothwithstanding the Gnu/Linux, Gnome/KDE etc.). Choice is
good, information overflow less so.

In any case, let's include some educational props and the debian swirl.
If we do go with a nice, jolly elfin, I think it would be better to
remove the horns.

Just ranting,
Knut Staring

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