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Re: Common Live CD base and generator

Hello everyone, 
thanks for all your attention. Unfortunately this goes accross different
lists, so please just ignore if you are not interested.

>From what you wrote Alex, the morphix tools look very promising as part of a
universal debian-live CD generator as they take regular .debs.

I see two applications of such a generating sysem to keep in mind,
one is for "mastering" a CD for distribution, the other is the
"personal live CD". For the latter and considering the problems with ISO
distribution jigdo sees suited.

fleny68 wrote:
> Jigdo downloads file to put in the iso. One of the file is 99% of the 
> iso size and changes at every release.

Not exaclty I think, the .template is only about 20MB that is not so much
compared to the full CD, and it also contains the isofs with its large TOC,
leading tracks etc. There were thoughts[1] about even smaller .templates
> Could Jigdo works like that?
> download files -> put in the uncompress filesystem, compress it -> put 
> in the iso with not compressed files?

OK, now I now what you ment before when talking about the problem with
compressed images. You would also need compressed chunks of data to allocate
in the .template. Unfortunately they are not the same as the .debs and
they are hard to locate in the loop file in the first place.

But you suggestion would mean separate .template file be made for the uncompressed fs that in turn gets allocated into the complete live CD template. This is a good idea for the jigdo list I think.

Alternativly jigdo could have a mode in which it uses an external tool like
debix and/or mkisofs as discussed here[2] to generate the live CDs Base

A partial list of those tools is at

Oh wait I forgot the .debs have to be _installed_ into the loopfile!
So one more step to do.

Also mentioned in [2] is the lack of rsync use. However there is a
solution[3] for this problem available.


[1] Jigdosupport with cloop 1.02 / Knoppix

[2] Enlighten me about jigdo .. 

[3] Re: Apt and rsync... I know...

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