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RE: debian package: education-mathematics

> Hello.
> the debian package educatipn-mathematics
> is depending on "drgenius".
> I think it is perhaps better to change that to "drgeo" since, and this is
> the authors own word:

I'm hoping to have PyGeo considered at some point.  It is Python based and
requires simple scripts to create geometric constructions. IMO this kind of
deliberation - script vs. GUI - in this kind of learning is good.  

The scripting also serves to introduce programming concepts. I have tried to
make the scripting interface simple and forgiving.  But in the end one is
still doing Python programming when constructing with PyGeo.

I am giving a talk on PyGeo at the Python community get-together in
Washington DC.  And therefore am working to get the distribution in more
presentable shape: more complete docs, a tutorial, etc.  Beyond these kind
of rough corners - currently being attended to - I think PyGeo's cool.

I hope to post-up here have I have something I think is 'finished' enough to
be considered.


> "Just forget about Dr. Genius, it is the past, Dr. Geo is the future."
> The author is responsible for both dr genius and dr. geo packages.
> Best wishes,
> Gunnar.
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