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Re: What Skolelinux want from Cerebrum

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]

(Sorry for the delay. This is what you get for reading mail very late
or very early. I simply forgot all about it. Sorry.)

> Here are some notes on what we want Cerebrum to do in Skolelinux.
>  - import person info from school admin system / whatever
>  - generate accounts and update group membership automatically
>  - close down accounts and remove user data when the person quit

Ok. This is what Cerebrum does, so there shouldn't be any major
rewrites that has to be done.

>  - export user three to LDAP, usable by NSS-LDAP.
>  - export user filegroups and netgroups to LDAP, usable by NSS-LDAP.
>  - export automount maps of user disks to LDAP, usable by autofs
> (- export host netgroups, usable by NSS-LDAP.)

User- and person-trees: ok. I'm not sure about automount maps. A
Cerebrum-developer(Rune Frøysa) claims he has the essential part of
the infamous MREG[1] coded for Cerebrum. I guess we'll have to speak
to him.

>  - handle account locking
>  - allow teachers to change password on "their" pupils
>  - allow admins to change password on all users

bofhd[2] has a very strong and dynamic authorization-model. Privileges
are granted to persons which need them. I'm not sure if this is done
automagicly, but I don't see why it couldn't.

>  - handle printer quotas with CUPS

I don't know anything about printer-quotas and Cerebrum. I know there
is a printer-module in Cerebrum, but that's all. I'll ask around.

>  - allow teachers and admins to update quota info for pupils

No problem.

> This is a first draft. It is probably not complete, and should
> include more info on each point.

It is a first draft, indeed. :) We've spoken about slx and Cerebrum
several times, but never made a spec. This is a nice start.

[1] MREG is a ghost at the University of Oslo. Before Cerebrum, UoO
used a user-administration-system called UREG. MREG was supposed to
manage machine-related information as a module for UREG. It was never
finished and is now the equivalent of an urban-legend at UoO.

[2] BOFH is the frontend to Cerebrum. bofhd is the server. bofh the
client. No need to explain the acronym.

Mathias Meisfjordskar
GNU/Linux addict.

"If it works; HIT IT AGAIN!"

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