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I tested pr45


I tested pr45 for a few hours, here is what I noticed
(I know it would be better to enter it in the bug-tracking,
but i dont have a Internet-flatrate so I prefer to work offline)

I installed main-server and terminal-server on one machine.

It is not possible to login as root on a X-Terminal - that's ok
but is there a way to create LDAP/skolelinux-users on the command line ?

Webmin is set to english. I suggest to use the webmin setting
"use prefered language from browser"

webmin looks nicer when we use the option "show titles as text"
in the user interface settings.

skolelinux webmin modules are not translated to german yet.
anyone working on this already ? if not then I'll do it sometime.

skolelinux user administration:
I'm surprised that sometimes you need the LDAP(root) password
and sometimes you dont.

the webmin module for backup & restore looks very nice and easy to use

Opera did not start: libqt.so3 missing.
some other programs from the KDE Startmenu also don't start
that's not nice and confusing for newbies.

xine schould be the default player for videos , not the KDE tool "noatun"
like it is now.

...taht's all for today.
I'm looking forward to meet you at Fosdem.

Greetings from Germany,
Martin Herweg

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