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Bug#232805: debian-edu-config: deleted a configuration file that I had edited

* Petter Reinholdtsen (pere@hungry.com) [040215 14:52]:
> [Brian Minton]
> > I had installed my own config file for bind, "/etc/bind/db.192.168".
> > When I installed debian-edu-config it asked if I wanted to overwrite
> > the config file.  I said no.  When I removed the debian-edu-config
> > package, it deleted my own config file.
> The reason is that dpkg assosiates the file as a conffile with the
> debian-edu-config package when it is installed, and remove it on
> removal as it is supposed to.  I'm not sure how we should change the
> package to avoid this.
> Installing symlinks using cfengine is an option.  Detecting the
> conflicts at install time and refuse to install if this happen is
> another.  Ideas?

generate the contif file on the fly is yet an other.

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