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Re: When two becomes one...

Wednesday 11 February 2004 16:02, wrote Vidar Tyldum:
> Frode Jemtland, 11.02.2004 15:43:
> > Tuesday 10 February 2004 15:59, wrote Vidar Tyldum:
> >>I have recieved questions about subscriptions and just want to make it
> >>clear that *no one* needs to subscribe or unsubscribe anywhere.
> >
> > I don't know if this only apply to me, but I keep getting 2 duplicate
> > mails for each mail to this list.... Is this meant to be a feature ?
> > Is this because I was subscribed to both list before the merge ?
> I would believe so. There was 3 duplicates according to the listmaster I
> spoke with, so I figured he dealt with them but I am not sure. Could you
> have subscribed with different addresses (check headers of the messages)?
> > If so, can the list owner please remove one of my instances ?
> Contact <listmaster@lists.debian.org> and let them know what list you
> are subscribed to and which address to remove.

Thank you Vidar. 

List masters. As you can read over, I keep getting to mails for each mail sent 
to the debian-edu@lists.debian.org. This mailinglist has been merged with 
devel@skolelinux.no. I was subscribed to both, and I'm probably represented 
twice. Another solution is that I might be registered with two different 
addresses. (It is the same address in both the headers, so i don't think this 
is the case) 

My mail addresses are:
It might also be:

Only one of these should be subscribed......


The first version always gets thrown away.

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