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Re: How to add shared object in debian pkg.

Am 14:27 2003-03-17 +0530 hat ajain@eninteractive.com geschrieben:
>Hi Folks
>I am new to debianization of packages.
>I am trying to make debian package which calls some shared object
through dynamic call(dlopen).These shared object are not already
present on the debain system.So i have to distribute these files(shared
object)  with my package.
>I guess we create debian package from rules file and this file is
created with the help of Makefile but there is no entry for these
shared object in Makefile.
>Please suggest me some approriate ways for this.
>Thanks in Advance
>Amit Jain


Better is to ask in <mailto:debian-devel@lists.debian.org>

The other thing is:     Why not create two Packages ?

One for the Libs and one for your Program. So if other 
Packages like to use the shared libs, they do not need to 
install your Program. 


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