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OSFS and Free educational content for Dutch speakin community

At vrijschrift.org we started activities focussed on education for the Dutch speaking community

-OSFS (Open Source and Free Software) promotion in education
-DOSC (Developing Open Source Content), so development, translation, coordination (help), publication and stimulation of digital educational appliances with a "non proprietory" character.

We want to make it possible to let non technical people (teachers, students) add content. We are thinking about using wiki for example and have zope also running under FreeBSD.

Is here someone who has experience in setting up such an environment? Any advice and help is appreciated very much.

If you are Dutch speaking or if you know Dutch speaking people: Please (let them) join our list at:

If you think it helps to send this message to other groups please do so.
Wiebe van der Worp, http://viaisn.org

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