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Tux Paint 0.9.3 released! Now translated to Chinese

Tux Paint is a simple drawing program for young kids, released
as Open Source software under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
It runs on Linux and other Unixes, Windows, and Mac OS X.


The source download for version 0.9.3 has just been released!!!
It includes:

  * Chinese support,

  * Updated Spanish translations (mostly in the documentation department),

  * and full-screen and Windows-printing fixes (thanks, John Popplewell!)

You can get at it from:


And remember, if you want to test out the Chinese support (zh_CN.UTF-8),
be sure to grab the Chinese font from here [*]:




[*] (Or you can just get the "gbsn00lp.ttf" Arphic font from your favorite
    Linux distro, and copy it to, or symlink to it at,
    /usr/share/local/tuxpaint/fonts/locale/zh.ttf )

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