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Limited Success in Ireland

Hi all,
The list seems quiet these days. I promised an update on what I'm doing
when I had something worth talking about. Here goes...
I've been helping Georges Khaznadar to package wims, we've had several
problems along the way, but they are slowly being resolved and I hope I
can upload it sometime soon. 
I've also been meeting teachers from local schools to show them what you
can do with Debian on the desktop. I've been a bit dismayed at the
negative reactions I've got over the last few months, but I've had a bit
of success in the last week. Two of the local schools have decided to
install Linux servers. They'll be used for intranet web-servers and
firewalls initially. When they've seen how solid it can be I'll work on
getting more servers in those schools, hopefully to use ltsp so all the
desktops can be dual-booted. We've already discussed future plans and
this is a definite possibility. That would be an extra 200 school
desktops that can be booted into Linux :) Then I'm going to go back to
the schools I've already talked to and ask them to talk to the 2 schools
that understand the advantages of Linux. I'm thrilled to have reached
this milestone and I just wanted to share it with you all.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a couple of servers to build...


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