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Re: Debian-Edu news

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 06:37:31PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> - We need WikiMasters: many data has been collected in the various
>   Edu<SoftwareName> entries ... but they should really be formatted in
>   an uniform way. Those pages can be considered as model :
>   http://wiki.debian.net/EduXpovchem
>   http://wiki.debian.net/EduXoscope
>   Your work is to update all the pages to have the same format
>   and to complete the pages when some information are
>   missing. This includes creating the page when there's a link
>   to a new software (ie WikiNames followed by a question mark:
>   "Edu<NewSoftware>?").

Uniformity of format is going to be hard and largely wasted effort without
templates of some sort.  I would like to work with the Edu WikiMaster(s) on
implementing a common set of templates used to lighten our workload in this

> - We need someone to prepare the WML page for the Debian web site.
>   You can take a look at the Debian Junior WML page to have a basic
>   template that you can edit. The website is stored via CVS :
>   http://cvs.debian.org/?cvsroot=webwml
>   http://cvs.debian.org/webwml/english/devel/debian-jr/?cvsroot=webwml
>   We don't need something as complete as the DebianJr page right now.
>   We only need the main page with general information (much like the
>   DebianJr main page really).

I will happily work with whomever writes the WML page to proof it and write
it to the webwml repository when it is ready to publish.

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