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Re: Support for this petition

Hi Petter.

Am 07.07.15 um 20:06 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Bernd Zeitzen]
>> I've read a short notice in FSFE-newsletter and want to ask for your
>> support. Please visit this website
>> https://www.openpetition.de/petition/online/vorvertrag-partnerschaft-des-landes-sachsen-anhalt-und-der-microsoft-deutschland-gmbh-kuendigen
>> and vote.
> Thank you for the heads up.  I've signed it after getting some help from
> the web translation services to understand it. :)

Fine that you have signed the petition. It's possible to register for
the FSFE newsletter maybe in your own language here:
http://fsfe.org/index.en.html in the right corner beneath the changing
picture. You can register for different languages. Try it. ;-)

And I have seen that a few people I know from these lists here have
signed, too. :-) Maybe the petition reaches in the next 27 days the
amount of 11.000 supporters.


Bernd Zeitzen

Gymnasium Harsewinkel
Dechant-Budde-Weg 6
33428 Harsewinkel
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