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Re: New year meeting 2015

Hi Bernd,

Thanks a lot for you brief summary of the weekend. I have been at the new year's meeting the last couple of years and Gütersloh is actually the place where I began my "career" as a Debian Developer.

On  Mi 14 Jan 2015 23:03:49 CET, Bernd Zeitzen wrote:

Last weekend members of the German Skolelinux group had a meeting in Gütersloh. Here you have an overview of themes we talked about: http://wiki.skolelinux.de/NeujahrsTreffen2015

Kurt had the idea to install the newest alpha of Debian Edu (tjener, terminalserver and workstation). The job was done after 50 minutes and we had time to explore the system.

On Saturday afternoon wie saw the documentation »CitizenFour«. Watch the trailer:

On sunday morning we discussed the possibilities of using mobile devices in school for searching the

It was my first time to get in contact with some people behind Debian Edu and it was a great experience.

I just checked my subscription on debian-edu-german and obviously my initial subscription to the list shortly after its creation did not work out well.

So, I missed the announcement of this year's event.

I second Petter that it really is a good idea to send such event notifications to debian-edu-announce@lists.debian.org.


auf deutsch:

Anscheinend ist mit meiner Einschreibung auf debian-edu-german ML etwas schief gegangen kurz nachdem die Liste erstellt worden ist.

Dadurch habe ich leider die Ankündigung fürs Neujahrstreffen verpasst.

Ich wäre auch dafür (wie Petter), dass solche Events u.a. auch an debian-edu-announce@lists.debian.org geschickt werden.

Beste Grüße / light+love,


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