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Re: International Developer Meeting 19. - 21.2.2010


On Montag, 1. Februar 2010, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> > English still is only a second-class language at the wiki page.
> >
> > I can read it (this is not a request for help).  But please beware that
> > the signal sent by such layout is that the gathering potentially is
> > mainly in german too, which might discourage some from attending.
> >
> > If an english event, probably best to invite fully in english, to send a
> > clear signal about the lingual intent.  If also inviting in other
> > languages (german, spanish etc.), then make sure to note at those
> > invitations what the intended main language of the event will be.
> >
> >
> > Maybe irrelevant to change now for this event, but maybe something to
> > keep in mind for future events (both in norway, germany and elsewhere).
> Not irrelevant at all for this event. I'm still trying to find some
> information in english about hotels or places to sleep...

english instructions how to get from the train station to the actual gathering 
are also needed.

	Holger, who like to see some more "international guests"

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