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Re: PXE 2.1 Fehler-Details

Torsdag 01 november 2007 13:59, skrev Hans Terlecki:
> Hallo,
> ich habe irgendwo im Internet gelesen, dass Skolelinux nur mit PXE
> 2.0 zusammenarbeitet und vermutete daher dort den Fehler.

Please tell us where it says so, as that is very wrong, and needs to be 

> Client IP:  MASK:  DHCP IP:
> Gateway IP:
> Probing  ...[RTL8139]-PCI latency timer (CFLT) is unreasonable low at
> 0. Setting to 32 clocks. ioaddr 0X0000, addr. A2:16:00:A1:20:05 
> 10Mbps full-duplex

This is no Skolelinux address, the Skolelinux addresses are either in 
the range or, so either you have another 
dhcp-server on your network (which will not work), or you have tried 
(maybe) with no success to change the default range in Skolelinux.

So, have you tried to change the Skolelinux dhcp-range setup?

10Mbps full-duplex is also not very comfortable to work with for 

Klaus Ade
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